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Who we are

We are a small team of dedicated language experts and project fixers who coordinate a large group of freelancers, so that there is always someone available who is a perfect fit for your requirement. We only use native speaker translators who are selected for their competence and professionalism.

B2B & B2C experience

101translations is a proactive partner that stands for growth, expertise and global business experience.

Global Reach

At 101translations we help companies elevate their communications and grow their international presence.
Since 2002 we have served a great variety of customers in many industries, from entertainment to mining to fashion. Why do they value their relationship with us? For our quality, backed by our ISO9001:2015 certification; for our attention to deadlines, as multilingual communication cannot sit around and wait; and for the ease of doing business with us.

Meet our Founder

My name is Giovanni Giusti. After working in publishing and multimedia, I founded 101translations in 2002. Many things have changed in the world and in language technology since then, but we have always been true to our mission: to make our customers communicate effectively across language barriers.

Multilingual Communications with a Human Touch

Today you hear all about big data and AI, and how computers will do all our talking and understanding for us. We beg to differ. Since 2002, 101translations has been harnessing the expertise, the creativity, and the competence of hundreds of professional translators. Their mission in life: to help you make your content available in their native language, so that you are speaking directly to that audience.

Services at 101translations

What we know best is languages so we can supply any other language-related service, from media research in another locale, to on-site interpreting, to training. Just ask!


Our bread and butter. Quite simply, we write your content in another language so that it works just as well as the original. We do this by carefully selecting translators who only work into their native tongue, and by applying terminology and consistency methods.


While translation begins with a text which is replicated in another language, transcreation requires going back to the source of the text to create a new text in a new language that does not necessarily have the same content but has the same effect on the reader.

Native content authoring

Our professionals can follow your brief and write directly about your product in their language. This is a step forward from transcreation – and creates the most “native” texts possible. A whole team of our translators can be trained to produce texts for you in their native language.

Software localisation

We have specific expertise in the localisation of software and web interfaces so that they work in each language as well as they work in the original. We can even advise you on the pitfalls

Copywriting and editing

Our company actually started as a copywriting service providing book writing, copy writing, text editing and proofreading. We work in the business, professional and biographical domain and can help you with any type of content, from short mailshots to lengthy books. Please see our contact us for any further details.

Our Clients

Customers Stories

Here are some recent sample testimonials from happy customers.
Great service, reliable, quick to respond to emails and able to meet deadline requested.
It has been a pleasure working with the team!
Fabulous company, and great people to work with!
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Thank you for your interest in 101translations. Get in touch to ask a question or request a quote.

Our Rates

101translations provides professional translation services at the most competitive rates in the industry. We have vast experience translating a wide range of content types.

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