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101translations only works with human translators.
There are lots of reasons why that’s good for you and your business.
Translations done by humans – that’s old style, right? Translation software will do the trick!

In fact, nothing could be further from the truth! Translation software is great if you want to understand the general meaning of a page, but it never produces an accurate text, and can often contain bizarre and sometimes serious errors. This is because it does not actually understand the text – instead, it uses a combination of statistics and rules to obtain a reasonable approximation of the meaning of the original, and lets your brain do the rest.

Anyway, why translate at all, if you’re just going to apply a software algorithm? Your readers can use Google translate as well as you can, and at least they won’t be confused by the strange language. If you plan to use software to translate, you might just as well not translate your text at all.

A human translator is very different from an algorithm. They understand the meaning you are conveying in your language, and write a new text in their native language with the same meaning and intent. This allows you to actually communicate precisely what you want to say in a foreign language. Whether it’s a sales pitch, a user manual, or a software application, your overseas users will interact with your content as if it had been originally written in their language – and that’s what will give you an edge in competing for business with local companies.


Our bread and butter. Quite simply, we write your content in another language so that it works just as well as the original. We do this by carefully selecting translators who only work into their native tongue, and by applying terminology and consistency methods. Our “secret ingredient” is our expertise, which allows us to pick the best translators, give them the right instructions so that they understand what they are doing, and ensure that the result is right for you, every time.


While translation begins with a text which is replicated in another language, transcreation requires going back to the source of the text to create a new text in a new language that does not necessarily have the same content but has the same effect on the reader. Whether it’s adapting the language to the local business style, or localising the references to laws and regulations, transcreation treads the narrow path between the work of a linguist and a copy writer.

Native content authoring

Our professionals can follow your brief and write directly about your product in their language. This is a step forward from transcreation and creates the most “native” texts possible. A whole team of our translators can be trained to produce texts for you in their native language.

Software localisation

We have specific expertise in the localisation of software and web interfaces so that they work in each language as well as they work in the original. We can even advise you on the pitfalls to avoid while you are creating the website, and which will make it a lot harder to translate… and find workarounds when you fall into the pitfall anyway. We know how to speak with software developers and what to do to make sure that the user experience is the same all over the world. We can work within all sorts of systems, and are partners of WPML/WordPress and Locize – but if needed we know how to get our hands dirty with raw XML files.

Copywriting and editing

Our company actually started as a copywriting service providing book writing, copy writing, text editing and proofreading. We work in the business, professional and biographical domain and can help you with any type of content, from short mailshots to lengthy books. Please see our contact us for any further details.

Other services

What we know best is languages so we can supply any other language-related service, from media research in another locale, to on-site interpreting, to training. Just ask!
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