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Shakespeare’s Linguistic Legacy

Shakespeare is credited with introducing thousands of words and phrases into the English language, including “bedroom”, “majestic” and “eyeballs”.


“So, then, two bosoms and a single troth. Then by your side no bedroom me deny, For lying so, Hermia, I do not lie.” – A Midsummer Night’s Dream


“This is a most majestic vision, and Harmonious charmingly. ” – The Tempest


“Hold up thy head.

Look in mine eyeballs, there thy beauty lies.

Then why not lips in lips, since eyes in eyes?” – Venus and Adonis

Interesting facts

Exploring Ubuntu

You might have heard of the Linux distribution “Ubuntu”.

Ubuntu is in fact a word from the African language Xhosa. It expresses a profound concept of there being a shared understanding and humanity that exists between people. The concept extends beyond Xhosa, resonating in various Bantu languages across Africa. 

Interesting facts

The origin of the word “Nerd”

The term “nerd” originated in Dr. Seuss’s 1950 book, “If I Ran the Zoo”. In the book, the narrator mentions collecting “a Nerkle, a Nerd, and a seersucker too” as exhibits for the fictional zoo. 


While the term initially had somewhat negative connotations, it has since evolved and is used more neutrally to describe people with a strong passion for intellectual or academic pursuits.